Our company aims to:

  • Employ quality labor made up of people who have the necessary skills and knowledge.
  • Create an environment that ensures motivation and efficient communication so that employees can use their creativity and express their opinions freely.
  • Follow a participative management policy which incorporates different points of view and ideas.
  • Support continuous learning and improvement by giving importance to the personal and occupational development of employees.
  • Encourage and reward high performance, evaluating the performance of employees according to impartial criteria.
  • Active employees with the best conditions thanks to innovative Human Resources applications.

Selection process

  • Candidates are called for an interview for available positions after an evaluation of the candidacies we have, to ensure that the person chosen is suitable for the required position.
  • The selected candidates are interviewed by the corresponding department heads.
  • The adaptation to the position is carried out through orientation training.

Training and Improvement System

  • Flormar attaches great importance to Human Resources and for this reason its main objective is constant training and improvement in this area. Annual training plans are carried out taking into account the requests of the employees, the improvement areas required by the position, the training necessary to meet the annual objectives and both vocational and personal requirements.
  • This process is supported by leadership enhancement programs and teaching workshops based on title and position.
  • Our store staff receive a variety of training that will make a difference in the beauty industry, as well as orientation programs that start from recruitment.
  • After the training programs, the evaluations of the participants are taken into account so that a constant improvement can be achieved also in the training organization.

Performance System Management

  • Performance Management at Flormar consists of goal setting, goal monitoring, mid-season and end-of-year assessments, and action and response processes.
  • The Performance Management System, along with other Human Resources procedures, is carried out online.
  • At Flormar, with the help of the performance management system, we make sure that the company’s objectives are implemented according to the employees.
  • The Performance Management System provides inputs for the Training and Improvement processes as well as for Professional Management.

Additional Compensation and Benefits

  • Flormar applies a compensation system based on job content rather than title or role. Salaries are defined according to the size of the jobs ordered in grades. Our compensation system aims to determine the total income of our employees according to fair and competitive corporate policies in line with the current salary market. In addition, the system aims to motivate employees by evaluating and rewarding their high performance. Individual salaries are evaluated and reviewed once a year according to personal performance results, salary surveys, economic indicators, the solvency of the company and its economic balance.
  • Flormar evaluates its compensation strategies and additional benefits each year by taking part in different salary surveys.