Flormar not only aims to meet its customer’s needs by creating new and innovative products, but also by improving its existing product lines. The Professional team enters into the World market attaining a new concept every year by combining projects, which are different from one another because of the investments in the technology.

“Leadership, innovativeness, and quality”, which constitute the basis of our Production Development and Research & Development mission, is the primary factor in our essential respect to our employees and customers and work partners who play a major role in our success. Flormar offers its customers the most popular and the newest products and at the same time its portfolio expanding in every product category. Research & Development at Flormar operates according to the fundamental principle of the company profile.

Product Development activities are supported by a thorough analysis of customer feedback obtained through extensive market research.  Flormar’s Product Development team not only takes into consideration trends developing domestically, but also trends developing abroad.  As a result of this, Flormar has not only become a highly recognized brand domestically, but also in the global markets as well.

Flormar’s unprecedented beauty products, developed as a result of it’s strong, energetic and cultivating Research & Development efforts, are offered to women who know what they want and demand the best. Flormar’s Research & Development team is always on top of the trends affecting the industry in order to provide new innovative products to the market. Its Research & Development Laboratories is always keeping up with new material and advancing technology. In addition to closely following the trends and advancing technologies, great attention is paid to the global laws and regulations governing the industry.  Raw materials used in the development of Flormar products are meticulously examined to ensure compliance with all legal regulations and are 100% safe for humans.  Especially in recent years, not only at Flormar Research & Development Laboratories, but also at accredited international laboratories, product safety is monitored by conducting efficiency tests. 

The secret to the success of Flormar, which advances day by day on its path to becoming a worldwide brand, lies in its approach to innovation. In the fast paced consumer sector where the competition is high and the expectations of the customers are ever changing based on geographical location, it becomes an indispensible principle for Flormar to not only add new innovative products into its existing product family but to also continue to add new enhancements to its existing products.

One of the best examples of Flormar’s innovative activities is the recent launch of the High Performance Rotating Mascara, which creates glamorous and plump lashes through its 360° rotating wand.  Additionally, Nail Enamel Remover Wipes, made a huge impression on domestic and global markets this year due to its practical usage and compliance with airway liquid limitation regulations.

Flormar’s Research & Development laboratory also assesses the regional demands of its developing export markets, after which they create products of high quality and color alternatives as soon as possible.

Key performance indicators are used to measure the annual performance. In 2011, the Research & Development Laboratories of Flormar realized a total of 65 new projects.

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