For centuries, women have been in pursuit of the secrets that will help them attain unprecedented beauty. Flormar has historically been at the forefront of this pursuit making unrivaled contributions to every aspect of the creation of beauty for the Flormar woman. The development of new innovative products as well as the production and improvement to existing products takes place in the 15,000 square meter production facility established in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone.

For the past 41 years, Flormar has contributed to the beauty of women all over the world.  In 2011, Flormar increased production levels by 39% from the previous year.

Flormar’s production of 12 million units of lipstick aims to accentuate the beautiful lips of women around the world.  Coming in a wide variety of bright, bold, flashy shades, every woman is sure to find her go-to color in Flormar’s lipstick product line. In addition, Flormar has in production 60 million units of nail care products worldwide.  Its vast nail care product line ranges from quick dry nail polish to products aiming to prevent breakage and encourage strong healthy nail growth.  With the use of Flormar’s all inclusive nail care line, women are able to grow strong, healthy nails as well as sport the latest trends in eye-catching, long lasting polish colors.

Content-rich olive oil, vegetable oils and fats such as coconut and almond oils were used to prepare 6 million units of mascara and eyeliner. The technology behind Flormar’s mascara ensures women have long, voluminous, perfectly separated lashes all day long.  Micronization technology discovered in recent years has allowed Flormar to introduce 8 million units of "soft focus effect" powders and highly pigmented eye shadows and blushes giving the appearance of flawless skin that every woman desires.  The brightest star in Flormar’s future will come from the newly developed perfume group, which is expected to produce 1 million to 1.5 million units.

Flormar is the number one brand choice for women, both domestically and internationally, who know what they want and demand exceptional quality.  With many success stories under its belt already, Flormar and its young and dynamic staff aim to continue its success by creating innovative new products that meet the needs of women around the world.



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