‘‘The mission of our Research and Development department is leadership, innovation, quality, and developing the perfect product.’’

Constantly making unprecedented contributions to the beauty of women all around the world, Flormar has always prioritized these goals. On its journey of forty-seven years, Flormar has helped women all over the world bring out their beauty.

Increasing its production capacity every year, Flormar develops and produces interesting and innovative products that will make a difference for women and has several products in its production and storage facility of 21,000 square meters in Gebze Organized Industrial Site. Each year, 60 million nail polish and nail care products are produced globally. This wide range of nail products includes quick-dry fingernail polish and side products, which prevent the breaking of nails and help women have healthy and strong nails.

Flormar produces 12 million lipsticks each year with the goal of bringing out the beautiful lips of women from all around the world. Every woman will definitely find a suitable alternative for herself among the lip products of Flormar with their bright, bold and spectacular colors.

Six million mascaras and eyeliners are formulated with rich herbal oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Flormar’s mascara and eyeliner technology ensures women have long, volumized, well-groomed eyelashes throughout the day.

Recently developed “micronization” technology supports the ‘‘soft focus effect’’ technology of Flormar, which helps in the production of 8 million flawless facial make-up products each year. Eye shadows and blushes with intense pigments are produced with this technology.

Our professional staff opens up to world markets with new concepts that bring different projects together thanks to technological investments that are carried out each year.

Our product development activities are supported by an in-depth analysis of customer feedback acquired by long and extensive market research. Thanks to this, Flormar is not only a local brand famous in Turkey, but also a global brand known worldwide.

Flormar’s Research and Development laboratories are kept up to date with the new raw materials, formulations and industrial technologies. International regulations and legislations are also given much importance along with trends and newly developed technologies. The raw materials, which are used in the production of Flormar products, are analyzed carefully for their compliance with legal regulations and human health. For the past few years, the reliability of Flormar products has been tested not only in Flormar laboratories but also in respectable international laboratories through effectiveness tests.

The success of Flormar, whose journey to secure its position as one of the global brands of the world is on-going, stems from its innovative approach. In a market with high-intensity competition and regional customer expectations, Flormar’s goal is not only to create new innovative products but also to improve its existing ones.

Flormar’s young and dynamic staff intends to maintain their success story by creating new products, which will fulfill the needs of every woman in the world.